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Optionally Crewed / Uncrewed

Flexible modular mission systems

Long range

High Speed


The X12 will serve the following purposes

  • Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

  • Military data gathering

  • Mine countermeasures 

  • Autonomous systems mothership

  • Patrol & Border Security

  • Special Forces Insertion

  • Underwater Exploration and Mapping

Preliminary designs and analyses of the optionally crewed 12m military / surveillance variant has resulted in the outline design of a vessel capable of interoperability through modular design. The modularity comes from the ability to load and offload various mission modules each housing differing mission systems that can be interchanged on to the Piercer platform according to specific operational and client requirement. 



A weakness of traditional long range insertion crafts are their rooster tail at speed. This can fluoresce at night and show up strongly on radar meaning that to avoid detection, high speeds must be avoided inshore.  The Piercer design creates negligible wake meaning that high speeds can be maintained into the target area reducing transit time, reducing risk, increasing range and maintaining stealth.


Low Magnetic Signature 

By virtue of the design the systems area, and therefore the electronics, are raised off the water level. It is therefore expected that the Piercer will have a low magnetic signature, making it a prime candidate for working and operating in minefields. 


Low Radar Cross Section 

The X12 will utilise radar absorbing materials and its design will be finalised to ensure low radar cross section. 

military 1.jpg


Malt’s management and board of advisors believe that the military / surveillance sector should be a primary market focus.

Griffon Hoverwork share the belief and bring a wealth of experience, expertise and contacts in this sector that can be readily leveraged and utilised. 

Malt have signed an MoU with AS2 Systems (AS2) UAE. Led by Lee Drinkwater, previously second in command to the preceding CEO of Al Seer Marine, AS2 specialise in the development of electronics and associated software that enable autonomous and unmanned vehicle operation. AS2 have also developed a command-and-control system incorporating SOC (System on a Chip) architecture, featuring their own proprietary firmware. No third-party operating systems are employed. 

Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 16.35.02.png
Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 16.35.09.png
Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 16.34.56.png
Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 16.34.50.png
Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 16.34.44.png
Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 16.34.39.png

The Piercer platform’s seakeeping in rough sea states offers significant ergonomic advantages. ‘Wave slamming’ is a significant source of discomfort to marine and special forces during amphibious operations. Fatigue and even injury sustained during the insertion phase, limits the capabilities of the operators, once inserted. 


The Piercer platform’s superior performance capabilities, specifically as they appear to relate to seakeeping, speed and fuel efficiency, specifically in challenging sea states make the platform an unrivalled candidate for unmanned operation and has the potential to be adopted by multiple Naval, Marine and Special Forces. 


The seakeeping improvements offered by the Piercer hull form will serve to better protect and significantly prolong the lifespan of sensors and mission modules, thereby allowing for unparalleled savings to be made. Furthermore, the likely increase of lifespan and improved accuracy of such systems and sensorsmean the platform will be a prime candidate for a variety of diverse roles, including the launch and recovery of autonomous underwater vehicles (UAV), Intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance, data gathering and mine counter measures, patrols & border security

Lee Drinkwater





military 2.jpg


The MoU is for Malt, alongside Griffon (hardware) and AS2 (software) to work toward the design and build of an optionally manned military / surveillance vessel that is adaptable to a variety of mission roles including an unmanned version. 


The Company have strong relationships with and close connections to both domestic and international military organisations and departments. Specifically, The Ministry of Investment, the General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) and the Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Consequently, commercial efforts will likely be concentrated within the KSA. Malt, alongside AS2 are already in discussion with the above entities as well as defence organisations intrigued by the Piercer proposition and interested in partnership and sponsorship opportunities. 

As a platform builder, Malt will not be involved in the provision of individual mission systems. They will be determined by the end user. However, to initially illustrate the vessels interoperability, Malt alongside AS2, have been in talks with several relevant defence organisations operating out of the UAE and the KSA. These organisations intend to ‘sponsor’ a mission module by providing the relevant system, thus enabling greater interoperability to be illustrated. 

Ullman Dynamics for example have provisionally committed to sponsoring a manned module – providing the systems, cockpit and seat design intended for manned operation surface intercept. Geospatial Technologies (Elbit) wish to supply an anti-submarine warfare module. Discussions are ongoing with Northrup Grumman in sponsoring, by way of supplying the AQS 24b mine hunting system. Whilst Raytheon Technologies have provisionally indicated an intent to supply multiple sponsored mission modules, including remote weapons stations, mine counter measures as well as IRAD (International R&D) money. 

These are but a few of those organisations already engaged. Structured sponsorships allow these organisations to market their mission systems on a prospective market leading vessel. Malt benefit by being able, at no cost, to illustrate significant interoperability. Furthermore, partnership with such organisations advances Malt’s network and enhances global sales avenues. The sponsoring party by consequence become a sales agent for the Piercer platform. 

We will guide the most effective way for you to penetrate the Kingdom, select the right investment, prepare the business models that protect you, and ensure that you meet and exceed the criteria for Vision 2030

Abdulaziz Al Hassan
Head of Business Development for Defence and Aerospace for the Ministry of Investment, KSA 



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