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Technical & Strategic Partners


A close strategic working relationship with Griffon Hoverwork has been established to lead on the design, building, prototyping, and testing of all crafts.

With a formal technical development road map endorsed by a global leader in marine manufacturing and the route to market established the aim is to globalise the Piercer brand for eventual sale.

With an ISO endorsed and well proven product development cycle Griffon has led the world in marine innovation since the conception of the hovercraft. Griffon’s relentless pursuit of marine advancement now extends beyond hovercraft to flexible, lightweight marine structures and high-speed boats, capable of achieving 70 knots.


Griffon service military, search & rescue, commercial and UHNW clients worldwide, all with custom and exacting requirements. Operating in over 41 countries with world leading organisations including the Canadian Coast Guard, the Columbian Navy and the United Kingdom’s own Ministry of Defence Griffon are the perfect operational and strategic partner for Malt. 



"From Piercer’s conception, Griffon Hoverwork has seen their product as a parallel contribution to the specialist fast craft sector with the potential to complement Griffon Hoverwork’s core air cushion vehicle product for conditions with unconstrained draft.


Griffon Hoverwork are making themselves available to Piercer to support their product development through an ISO endorsed and well proven product development cycle. Each step in the progression will be tested for strategic needs alignment, technical efficacy and commercial sense.


Piercer’s clear vision of the customers’ needs is the start point; this will lead into a feasibility analysis before investment in a concept design that will include hydrodynamic model tank testing. Sub systems will be designed to complement the innovative vessel lines without compromising performance or reliability. Success at this point will see prototype / first of class vessels constructed in parallel with the perfection of a production process that will ensure consistent quality, efficiency and lead time for the volume of product Piercer will be delivering."

Adrian Went

MD Griffon Hoverwork (October 2020)

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