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Jack Purkiss & Sam Christey join the board of Glider Yachts & holding company, Advanced Marine Holdings Ltd. As newly appointed Directors their task was to try to turn the failing company around. Whilst the company had succeeded in captivating people's and industries imagination through it's Avant Garde design and styling of prototype 1, as well as the promise of unparalleled performance, the previous management had taken it as far as they could, what was needed was restructuring, a new impetuous and a new approach to take what was clearly a great concept to market.

Sept 2020-April 2021

Following the extensive review, it was clear that historical management and existing leadership were ineffectual. Mismanagement and financial imprudence had continued to be rife.

Jack and Sam make the decision, supported by trusted partners and historical disenfranchised investors, to orchestrate the removal of leadership, place the company into administration and acquire any assets (intellectual property, designs, plans, plant, machinery and prototype 1), via Malt Capital Ltd.

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