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Luxury Water Limousine


High end commercial ferrying and luxury on water transportation.

Interior_draft_II_ (1)-no logos.jpg
Interiors are indicative
12 Passengers
6 Crew

The LUX 24 will serve

  • Luxury waterline hotels and resorts

  • Tourism Boards & transportation authorities

Target locations/Routes include

  • Neom & Red Sea Giga Cities – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

  • The Palm Islands – United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • The World Islands United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • Scandinavian Islands

  • Abu Dhabi to Dubai 

  • Miami & Caribbean 

  • Mediterranean transport services:

    • Cannes​

    • St Tropez

    • Monaco

    • Nice


Perhaps the closest competition to Piercer’s 24m limousine is the Monaco One, designed and manufactured by Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels (A2V). 

The Monaco One is a high speed 12m catamaran commissioned to provide shuttle services between Monaco and Ventimiglia. The service is being sold as enabling super yacht owners, guests and crew to quickly travel between Monaco and their yacht at the marina in Ventimiglia. 


Offering such a VIP service for a selective few along carefully designated routes is of course the reason and purpose behind the Piercer 24m limousine concept. The Monaco One’s entry to the market confirmed and validated Malt’s decision to enter what was otherwise an uncontested space. Of course, the LUX 24 will provide superior seakeeping and fuel efficiency whilst also remaining steadfastly operational and most importantly comfortable at speed in sea states that would otherwise render competing vessels, as like the Monaco One, non-viable. 


There is a very real market need for small passenger transport vessels offering a superior service in uncontested luxury. 

Interiors are indicative
12 Passengers
6 Crew
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Screenshot 2021-12-20 at 19.20.13.png
Screenshot 2021-12-20 at 19.20.06.png


A handful of Malt’s executive and advisory board currently work with and for several luxury hotel chains, and independent water fronted resorts, including: 

  • Hotel du Cap Eden Rock - Antibes - St Barths

  • Fairmont - Monte Carlo

  • Fregate - Seychelles

Discussions have been on going with several of these prospective clients for some time now, many are awaiting finalisation of testing data. Many believing an own branded luxury on water limousine to be complementary to their own luxury brand whilst also providing practical purpose for guests.


The board have close relationships with senior officials in the UAE and KSA. Dr Mo, head of Abu Dhabi Government Media was hosted by the management team, offering Malt free office space in the Burj Khalifa as and when required as well as introductions to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and waterfront resort owners. The Piercer would be an obvious fit in these states. 

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